How I Do The Gastric Sleeve Operation

How I do it - my gastric sleeve surgical technique

In my last post, I discussed how the gastric sleeve operation is not a standardized operation. This means there is not consensus on how the operation should be done to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Because of this lack of consensus, different surgeons do the gastric sleeve operation in different ways. Some make the […]

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Variation in Outcomes at Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence

patient outcomes vary between gastric sleeve surgeons at bariatric surgery centers of excellence

A new study (read abstract) entitled “Variation in Outcomes at Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports a surprisingly wide variation in patient outcomes across accredited bariatric surgery centers of excellence nationally. Claims data were analyzed from 145,527 patients who underwent weight loss surgery at one of […]

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Gastric Sleeve Outcomes Update 2016

gastric sleeve patient outcomes

It’s a new year which means it is time to evaluate our performance for the previous year, and update our outcomes statistics. This is am important and ongoing part of our practice. Dr. Oliak’s #1 goal since starting his weight loss surgery practice in 2002 has been to achieve not just good patient outcomes, but […]

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Weight Loss Surgery Trends Update 2016

weight loss surgery trends 2016

We have recently analyzed our 2016 weight loss surgery patient data. In this post we will discuss patient demographics and trends. To read about our 2016 gastric sleeve patient outcomes, click here. Of note, Dr. Oliak is a private practice weight loss surgeon located in Orange County, California, so his data and the patient trends […]

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Why Do Outcomes Vary Between Gastric Sleeve Surgeons?

patient outcomes vary between gastric sleeve surgeons at bariatric surgery centers of excellence

For all operations, there is some variation in outcomes between different surgeons. For gastric sleeve surgery, there is a large variation in outcomes (weight loss results, complication rates) between gastric sleeve surgeons – some surgeons achieve much better outcomes than others. I’ve discussed this in previous posts (here, here and here). In this post I […]

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Achieving Gastric Sleeve Success

gastric sleeve patients

All prospective gastric sleeve patients of course want to achieve great gastric sleeve success. This means getting a great long-term weight loss outcome, and avoiding complications. The published studies, unfortunately, show that this doesn’t always happen. Many patients achieve excellent, long-term gastric sleeve success, but some don’t. It is important to understand that great outcomes […]

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Lucia’s Gastric Bypass Testimonial – 11 Years after Surgery

Wow! Looking at the before picture below, I hardly recognize myself – LOL! Since my surgery my whole life has changed physically and especially, emotionally. If I hadn’t had to go to work every day, I would have hidden myself away back then. I dreaded meeting new people and I especially dreaded meeting friends and family […]

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My Favorite Gastric Sleeve Photo – Jordan

Over my 12 year career as a weight loss surgeon I have seen lots of great before and after photos.  Recently a patient of mine showed me a gastric sleeve photo of herself before and after surgery that I thought was one of the best patient before/after photos I had ever seen, but not for […]

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