This time, weight loss will work — for good. (OFFICE CLOSED)

Because you’ll have weight loss surgeon Dr. David Oliak by your side

The Oliak Center for Weight Loss is Los Angeles and Orange County’s #1 Weight Loss Clinic

We know why you're here. (And we're glad you are.)

You’re here because everything else you’ve tried to lose weight and keep it off - all of the different diets and exercise programs - haven’t worked.

The truth is that weight loss surgery is the most effective way to lose weight. Period. Especially when you have your surgery with us. Since 2002, our statistics for weight loss and complications (leak, GERD, etc.) rank among the best in the weight loss surgery field.*

We’re obsessed with giving our patients the best possible outcomes from their surgery. How do we do it?

Excellent surgery

Dr. Oliak is a skilled bariatric surgeon who’s performed 3,000+ surgeries. He’s standardized the process to achieve at least 15-20% better weight loss results than the industry averages.*


We only work with select bariatric surgery hospitals and outpatient surgery centers in Los Angeles County and Orange County that are committed to superior patient care.


Our patients lose more weight than the industry averages because Dr. Oliak emphasizes quality surgery, patient education, frequent follow-up, and robust support before and after surgery.*

* Individual patient results vary. Statistics based on comparison between Dr. Oliak’s average 2yr (sleeve, bypass), 5yr (sleeve, bypass), and 10yr (bypass) %EWL (percent excess weight loss) results for all laparoscopic gastric bypass and gastric sleeve operations performed 2002-2019, and average %EWL results published in large review studies. See full footnotes here.

Ready to get started with losing weight forever?

how to choose a weight loss surgeon

Which weight loss surgeon is right for you?

Download this guide of criteria you need when choosing the best weight loss surgeon for you.

Are you a candidate for weight loss surgery?

If you are 75-100+ pounds overweight (BMI greater than 35-40 - calculate my BMI), you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery. We also offer surgery to patients who are “low BMI” or BMI 30-34 on a case-by-case basis.

The Oliak Center for Weight Loss accepts all PPO insurance plans and offers attractive cash prices and financing options.

Your PPO health insurance policy may cover weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is often a covered benefit, but not always. If it is not covered, or if you don't meet the criteria, self-pay is an option. Contact our office for a free insurance verification to check your insurance coverage for weight loss surgery.

We welcome clients from all over the world.

(BMI 30 or greater.)

While we’re based in Orange County and Los Angeles County, we’ve operated on self-pay patients from all over the world. Our gastric sleeve and gastric bypass patients have traveled from other states, and even as far away as Saudi Arabia and India to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Oliak. That’s how important it is to have weight loss surgery done right.

Our travel program includes:

Virtual consultations.

Virtual pre-operative appointments.

Surgery at an accredited “center of excellence” bariatric surgery hospital, or a bariatric surgery outpatient surgery center, in Los Angeles County or Orange County.

Monthly virtual support group meetings.

And a year’s worth of virtual post-operative appointments to help make sure you get a great, lasting result.

We offer great private pay prices for our premier Orange County and Los Angeles weight loss surgery program. It all starts with a free, no-obligation, virtual consultation with Dr. Oliak. Fill out our contact form to get started today.

We prioritize you at the Oliak Center for Weight Loss in Orange County and Los Angeles County

Why do our gastric sleeve and gastric bypass patients have weight loss that lasts?*

Because when you’re our patient, we put you first. Not us, not the hospitals, not the insurance companies - but you!

We provide expert surgery, outstanding patient support, and top-tier customer service. This is what Dr. Oliak would want for himself. So this is what he demands for his patients.

* Individual patient results vary. 

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