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David Oliak, MD

Leading Orange County bariatric surgeon with a 14-year record of industry-leading patient outcomes.*

Orange County bariatric surgery mission

Our Goals

Unparalleled customer service, exceptional weight loss surgery, outstanding patient care.*

Orange County weight loss surgery outcomes

Patient Outcomes

Outcomes (weight loss, complications) vary between surgeons – Dr. Oliak’s outcomes rank among the best.*

Orange County Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a big decision. It can greatly improve your life, but you have to
be prepared to establish new eating habits after surgery. You also have to choose your surgeon carefully – outcomes (weight loss, complications) are highly variable between different surgeons. Your choice of surgeon is an important determinant of your likely outcome.*

Dr. Oliak’s biggest strength is his long record (>2500 operations since 2002) of excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes. There is nothing more important than this. The way he has achieved this is by always working hard to provide his patients with the highest quality surgery and patient care possible.*

To learn more about surgery, Dr. Oliak, and our Orange County weight loss surgery program, schedule a free no-obligation consultation in Brea or Irvine with Dr. Oliak today!

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The cost? Losing weight and gaining health is easier than you think.

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