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Dr. Oliak is a premier bariatric surgeon who offers sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and bariatric revision operations in Orange County, CA.

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Our mission is to deliver excellent surgery and patient care (education, follow-up, support) to achieve not just good, but great, industry-leading patient outcomes.

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Weight loss and complication statistics are the most important quality measures for a surgeon. Dr. Oliak’s statistics (>3000 operations) rank among the best.*

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Choosing an Orange County weight loss surgeon is an important decision. This is because patient outcomes after weight loss surgery vary over a wide range between different surgeons. The fact is, some surgeons achieve significantly better weight loss outcomes, and significantly lower complication rates than other surgeons.

Dr. Oliak’s #1 goal, since starting his career in 2002, has always been to achieve excellent, industry-leading outcomes for his patients. He achieves this goal by always delivering excellent weight loss surgery, thorough patient education, frequent follow-up (as necessary), and ongoing patient support.*
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Dr. Oliak offers no-obligation educational consultations in Brea and Irvine. A no-obligation consultation is a great way for prospective patients to learn more about weight loss surgery and our Orange County weight loss surgery program.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

The gastric sleeve operation (also known as sleeve gastrectomy) involves removing a large portion of the stomach to reduce stomach volume from approximately 30-40 ounces to approximately 3-4 ounces. Over time the 3-4 ounce stomach expands to approximately 6-8 ounces.

Compared to gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve operation is similarly effective for weight loss, but is less invasive and lower risk. These advantages are the reason why more than 70% of all first time weight loss operations in the United States are gastric sleeve operations.

A challenge of gastric sleeve surgery is the fact that the specifics of the operation are not standardized. In other words, there is not an accepted “best way” to do the gastric sleeve operation. Because of this, different surgeons do the operation in very different ways (i.e. different sleeve sizes, dimensions, etc). This is a big reason for why outcomes vary between different gastric sleeve surgeons.

Dr. Oliak does the gastric sleeve operation by using a specific measuring technique to achieve very consistent and exact gastric sleeve anatomy. This is a key reason for how he achieves excellent patient outcomes with the gastric sleeve operation.*

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gastric bypass Orange County weight loss surgery patient - Daniel

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass operation involves constructing a very small, 1-2 ounce volume stomach pouch from the existing stomach, and connecting this small stomach pouch to the intestine. When food is consumed, it passes through the pouch into the intestine, bypassing the majority of the stomach.

Compared to sleeve gastrectomy, the gastric bypass operation is more established (40+ years), but it is also more invasive and higher risk. Nonetheless, the gastric bypass operation is often the favored operation for patients with diabetes, significant acid reflux, and higher starting body mass index (BMI>50).

Similar to the gastric sleeve operation, the gastric bypass operation is not standardized. There is not a “correct” way to, for example, construct the pouch and intestinal connection. Because of this, different surgeons do the operation in different ways, and this results in differences in outcomes between surgeons.

Dr. Oliak’s gastric bypass surgical technique involves constructing a carefully measured pouch and intestinal connection to achieve very consistent and exact gastric bypass anatomy. Consistent-ness and exactness are the keys to how Dr. Oliak achieves excellent gastric bypass patient outcomes.*

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Orange County LAP-BAND revision to gastric sleeve weight loss surgery patient - Francine

Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric revision operations include repairing/redoing an existing weight loss operation, or revising an existing weight loss operation to a different operation.

Gastric bypass revision operations are most commonly done in an effort to achieve a better weight loss outcome. If the existing gastric bypass anatomy is not ideal (e.g. pouch size, intestinal connection size, etc.), the operation can be revised to achieve more ideal and effective anatomy.

Gastric sleeve revision operations are most commonly done to either achieve a better weight loss result, or to resolve acid reflux. If the gastric sleeve is too large, or shaped poorly, or a hiatal hernia is present, poor weight loss and acid reflux can result. These issues can be addressed by redoing the gastric sleeve to achieve more ideal anatomy. Alternatively, the operation can be revised to a gastric bypass operation.

Gastric banding (LAP-BAND) revision operations are commonly done to achieve a better weight loss result, or to resolve issues such as slip, erosion, vomiting, and esophageal problems (heartburn, reflux). Typically, gastric banding revision involves band removal and conversion to either gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

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Payment options for our Orange County weight loss surgery program include PPO insurance and self-pay.

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