Dr. Oliak is a board-certified, fellowship-trained, Orange County bariatric surgeon who has completed >2500 weight loss operations since starting his career in 2002. Dr. Oliak prioritizes high-quality, evidence-based surgery (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, revision operations) and comprehensive patient care (education, follow-up, support) to achieve the best outcomes possible for his patients.

Why Dr. Oliak?

What sets Dr. Oliak apart from others is his record of excellent patient outcomes – outcomes after weight loss surgery vary, and Dr. Oliak’s rank among the best.*
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About Orange County Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Oliak

Dr. Oliak’s philosophy has always been to treat patients how he would want to be treated himself. This means providing great surgery, great patient care, and most importantly, achieving great patient outcomes.*

Dr. Oliak has learned, over the past 15 years, that there are no shortcuts to great outcomes. There are no shortcuts in surgery and patient care, and there are no shortcuts for patients.

For surgery, being more careful and more exact with surgical technique takes longer but results in better and more reproducible outcomes. Being more data driven by tracking and analyzing one’s own patient outcomes and using this information to improve is a significant time commitment, but results in better outcomes over time. Cutting corners results in less work, faster operations, more operations, and more insurance collections, but not better patient outcomes.

There are similarly no shortcuts for patient care. Thorough education and thorough medical evaluation/optimization/follow-up results in better outcomes. Skimping on education and patient care saves time, but is not good for patient outcomes.

The same also goes for patients. Patients need to do the hard work of establishing and maintaining good eating habits. Cutting corners by not planning ahead, or choosing what is quick and easy (processed carbs, fast food), saves time and effort, but is not good for outcomes.

Dr. Oliak’s career choice has been to prioritize patients, and therefore outcomes, first. Over time, this patients first approach has paid off in terms of actual patient outcomes. Patient outcomes vary significantly between different surgeons and programs, and Dr. Oliak’s patient outcomes rank among the best.*
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Professional Accomplishments – Orange County Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Oliak

The accomplishment Orange County weight loss surgeon Dr. Oliak is most proud of is the difference he has made in 1000’s of patients lives since 2002 with weight loss surgery.

Other accomplishments include:

Dr. Oliak was the first Orange County bariatric surgeon to complete a laparoscopic bariatric surgery fellowship, and one of the first Orange County bariatric surgeons to routinely perform laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery rather than open gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. Oliak has developed two successful center of excellence bariatric programs in Orange County, one at Chapman Medical Center, and one at Placentia-Linda Hospital.

Dr. Oliak has published numerous outcomes-focused research studies, including studies on the learning curve for laparoscopic bariatric surgery, studies on outcomes for higher BMI patients, and studies on outcomes for older patients. Dr. Oliak has published his research in numerous scientific journals and has presented his data at national and international surgical meetings.

Dr. Oliak is a sought out weight loss surgery expert. He is a bariatric surgery consultant and bariatric surgery expert witness for bariatric surgery malpractice matters. He has appeared on national television shows, including The View and The Tyra Banks Show, and on local news stations, including KCAL and CBS.

Background – Orange County Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Oliak

Dr. Oliak attended college at prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. After an engineering internship at Procter and Gamble, he changed course and decided instead to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor by attending top-ranked Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

After medical school Dr. Oliak completed a six year General Surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. It was during this time that he decided that he wanted to become a bariatric surgeon.

The most common operation for weight loss at that time (late 1990’s) was open gastric bypass. Dr. Oliak thought this was a fantastic operation. With this one operation, patients could lose substantial weight and significantly improve their health. This resulted in very happy patients.

The decision to become a weight loss surgeon was easy, but Dr. Oliak wanted to learn to do the operations laparoscopically. At the time, open gastric bypass was the standard of care, and laparoscopic gastric bypass was considered experimental. Dr. Oliak’s belief was that if laparoscopic gastric bypass could be done safely, it would revolutionize the field of bariatric surgery.

After residency training Dr. Oliak continued on to a one year laparoscopic surgery fellowship at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey to learn laparoscopic gastric bypass. This fellowship was one of the first laparoscopic surgery fellowships in the country to focus on laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

After finishing his fellowship training in 2002, Dr. Oliak returned to California to start his career as a Los Angeles and Orange County bariatric surgeon.

* Patient results vary after weight loss surgery. Individual patients can do better or worse than the average. To read more about the patient’s role in achieving success, click here.

** Leaks can occur after gastric surgery. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Orange County bariatric surgeon Dr. Oliak’s 0% leak rate statistic applies to primary (non-revision) sleeve gastrectomy, primary (non-revision) laparoscopic gastric bypass, LAP-BAND® conversion to sleeve gastrectomy, and LAP-BAND® conversion to gastric bypass.

  • 15+years experience
  • 2500+weight loss operations
  • 0%leak rate**
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Orange County bariatric surgeon Dr. Oliak

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