Dr. Oliak is a board-certified, fellowship-trained, ASMBS Center of Excellence bariatric surgeon who has an established record (>2500 patients) of excellent patient outcomes.* Dr. Oliak offers sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and revisional bariatric surgery in Orange County, California.

About Orange County Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Oliak

Dr. Oliak has wanted to be a doctor ever since the third grade. The only time he questioned this was for a short time while at college at Northwestern University in Chicago. He thought that it might be a better life decision to choose a career that didn’t require 4 years of school beyond college, and then an additional 3-8 years of residency and fellowship training.

Dr. Oliak changed his college major from biology (premed) to chemical engineering to be more employable if he decided to not go on to medical school, and to avoid the foreign language course requirement. After his junior year, he worked as a summer chemical engineering intern at Proctor & Gamble on a project to make laundry detergent for the Philippine market using palm oil. This was a great experience, but he couldn’t get excited about Philippine laundry detergent. This helped him to decide with certainty that he really wanted to be a doctor.

Dr. Oliak attended medical school at top-ranked Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. During medical school he decided that he wanted to be a surgeon, and continued on after medical school to a six-year general surgery residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Why Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Oliak decided during his 2nd year of surgery residency (1996/1997) that he wanted to specialize in weight loss surgery. In no other field of surgery could one operation enable something as difficult and desired as weight loss, and improve or resolve a large range of medical problems. He also found that no other field of surgery had such happy patients!

During his residency in the late 1990’s, the most common weight loss operation was open gastric bypass. Laparoscopic gastric bypass was considered experimental. Dr. Oliak’s belief was that laparoscopic gastric bypass would eventually become the standard of care, and would revolutionize the field of weight loss surgery.

Dr. Oliak wanted to learn laparoscopic gastric bypass, so after residency training he continued on to a one year laparoscopic surgery fellowship at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. This fellowship was one of the first laparoscopic surgery fellowships in the country to focus on laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

After finishing his fellowship training Dr. Oliak returned to California to start his career as a Los Angeles and Orange County bariatric surgeon.

Career Philosophy – Orange County Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Oliak

Dr. Oliak’s career philosophy has always been to treat patients how he would want to be treated himself. The #1 thing Dr. Oliak would want is a surgeon who achieves excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes. Outcomes after weight loss surgery are variable between different surgeons and programs – Dr. Oliak’s goal has always been to achieve outcomes that rank among the best in the weight loss sugery field.*

By always prioritizing quality surgery and comprehensive patient care (education, follow-up, support), Dr. Oliak has established a long record (>2500 operations since 2002) of excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes.*
About our program
About our outcomes

Orange County weight loss surgeon Dr. Oliak performs sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and bariatric revision operations. He has offices in Brea and Irvine, and operates at several Orange County bariatric surgery center of excellence hospitals. Dr. Oliak offers no-obligation educational consultations to patients considering weight loss surgery.

Professional Accomplishments

Dr. Oliak was the first Orange County bariatric surgeon to complete a laparoscopic bariatric surgery fellowship, and one of the first Orange County bariatric surgeons to routinely perform laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery rather than open gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. Oliak has developed two successful center of excellence bariatric programs in Orange County, one at Chapman Medical Center, and one at Placentia-Linda Hospital.

Dr. Oliak has published numerous outcomes-focused research studies, including studies on the learning curve for laparoscopic bariatric surgery, studies on outcomes for higher BMI patients, and studies on outcomes for older patients. Dr. Oliak has published his research in numerous scientific journals and has presented his data at national and international surgical meetings.

Orange County bariatric surgeon Dr. Oliak is a sought out weight loss surgery expert. He is a bariatric surgery consultant and bariatric surgery expert witness for bariatric surgery malpractice matters. He has appeared on national television shows, including The View (video clip) and The Tyra Banks Show (video clip), and on local news stations, including KCAL and CBS.

* Patient results vary after weight loss surgery. Individual patients can do better or worse than the average.

** Leaks can occur after gastric surgery. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Orange County bariatric surgeon Dr. Oliak’s 0% leak rate statistic applies to primary (non-revision) sleeve gastrectomy operations, and LAP-BAND® conversion operations to sleeve gastrectomy.

Dr. Oliak’s Blog

Orange County bariatric surgeon Dr. Oliak

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