Our Orange County weight loss surgery program provides quality weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) and quality patient care (education, follow-up, support) with the goal of achieving excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes.

Quality Weight Loss Surgery

Providing high-quality surgery to maximize weight loss and minimize complications is the foundation of our Orange County weight loss surgery program.

An important new study published in April 2017 in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) demonstrates the importance of quality surgery (reference).

In this large study (145,527 patients), the rate of serious complications within 30 days of surgery was found to vary 17-fold (0.6% – 10.3%) across 165 accredited bariatric surgery center of excellence programs nationwide.*
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Using the same methodology as used in the study, Dr. Oliak’s Orange County program has a rate of serious complications of less than 1%. This statistic would place our program in the top decile of the 165 programs evaluated in the study.*
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Quality Patient Care

Providing quality patient care is the second important component of our Orange County weight loss surgery program. Quality patient care, like quality surgery, is an important determinant of patient outcomes after surgery.*


Surgery is ultimately a tool that will help patients to lose weight and maintain weight loss over time. The purpose of education is to ensure that patients understand surgery, how it works, and how to use it most effectively.*

Education is an important priority of our Orange County weight loss surgery program. Education starts at the initial educational consultation, and continues at educational classes before surgery, educational classes after surgery, and at follow-up appointments after surgery.

The initial educational consultation is a great first step for prospective patients to learn more about surgery and our Orange County weight loss surgery program. Dr. Oliak’s goal is to give prospective patients all the information necessary to make an informed decision about surgery. The educational consultation is free, and there is absolutely no obligation.
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Medical Management

Good medical management goes hand-in-hand with good surgery to prevent complications. When a complication does occur, good medical management will minimize the impact of the complication.*

Good medical management before surgery entails optimizing patients’ medical issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc.), and ensuring that higher risk patients lose weight preoperatively. Preoperative weight loss has an impressive effect on making surgery easier and lower risk.*

Good medical management during and after surgery entails effectively managing patients’ medical issues, and, importantly, proactively preventing issues from developing. When issues do develop, good medical management entails timely diagnosis and treatment to prevent further issues.*

Dr. Oliak considers good medical management to be just as important as good surgical management for the prevention of complications. He oversees all medical management himself, and is aggressive about proactively doing things to prevent complications and issues, rather than waiting for issues to develop before acting. This approach is more work and effort, but ultimately results in better patient outcomes.*

Postoperative Follow-Up

Follow-up after surgery is necessary to help ensure that patients achieve good success.*

Our Orange County weight loss surgery program prioritizes frequent postoperative follow-up, particularly during the first year after surgery. Because patient behavior (eating and exercise habits) has a major impact on weight loss outcomes, frequent follow-up enables Dr. Oliak to assess patient behavior and weight loss progress, and to intervene as necessary to help ensure that patients ultimately reach their weight loss goals.*
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Support after surgery

Support after surgery helps patients to stay on track with good eating and exercise habits. Dr. Oliak provides support at postoperative education classes, follow-up appointments, and support group meetings. Support group meetings are held once every three months.

Dr. Oliak encourages patients to obtain outside support from family and friends, and from other sources like social media. Dr. Oliak encourages patients to bring family members to the educational meetings before and after surgery, and to support group meetings.

What our patients say…

Orange County bariatric surgery program - Erin
“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Dr. Oliak an 11+ both for his surgical competency and bedside manner.”*
Orange County weight loss surgery program - Suzie
“All I can say is Dr. Oliak is the absolute best! (this coming from a very critical RN)”*
Orange County bariatric surgery program - Michael
“I paid for surgery myself, and interviewed many doctors in Orange County and Riverside County. Dr. Oliak was hands down the best!”*
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