The goal of our Orange County weight loss surgery program is to achieve not just good, but excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes. We want our outcomes statistics (weight loss results, complication rates) to rank among the best anywhere. How do we accomplish this? By always delivering excellent, high-quality surgery and patient care.*

Our Orange County Weight Loss Surgery Program

Weight loss surgery is a service (and an art) that encompasses the operation and the associated patient care. Our approach for delivering the best possible surgery and the best possible patient care is as follows:

  1. Premier Surgeon – Dr. Oliak is a leading bariatric surgeon with an established record (>2500 bariatric operations since 2002) of excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes.*
  2. Excellent Surgery – Dr. Oliak performs what he calls the measured gastric sleeve operation, and the measured gastric bypass operation. By using a specific measuring technique, Dr. Oliak achieves highly consistent and exact surgical anatomy (e.g. sleeve dimensions, size, shape, gastric bypass pouch size/shape). The operations take longer using this technique, but the result is better patient outcomes.*
  3. Top-Notch Surgical Team – We utilize an experienced and proven surgical team. The two most important team members, after the surgeon, are the anesthesiologist and assistant surgeon. Both have worked with Dr. Oliak for >10 years.
  4. Best/Safest Surgical Facilities – We utilize accredited ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) bariatric surgery center of excellence hospitals, not outpatient surgery centers.
  5. Thorough Education – Weight loss surgery is ultimately a tool that must be used appropriately to achieve maximal success. We prioritize thorough preoperative and postoperative education to ensure that patients know exactly how to be maximally successful.
  6. Frequent Follow-Up – We prioritize frequent postoperative follow-up appointments as necessary with Dr. Oliak after surgery to help ensure maximal weight loss success.
  7. Competitive Prices – We offer competitive prices and attractive financing options through CareCredit.
  8. **Great Outcomes** – The most important quality measure for a surgeon/program is the surgeon’s/program’s record of actual patient outcomes. Our weight loss and complication statistics (>2500 weight loss operations since 2002) rank among the best in the weight loss surgery field.* To read more about our outcomes statistics, see our outcomes page.

Other Weight Loss Surgery Programs

Not all weight loss surgery programs provide a high quality of service. Lower quality programs often have the following characteristics:

  1. Surgeon – Less experienced, less skilled surgeons, or surgeons with experience but without a proven record of good outcomes. The individual surgeon is a strong predictor of patient outcomes after surgery (reference), so compromising on surgeon quality is a risky decision.*
  2. Inferior surgery – A focus on speed of surgery and number of operations instead of quality. It simply takes longer to provide higher quality surgery and patient care. Beware – there is a strong financial incentive for surgeons and programs to prioritize speed of surgery and number of operations, and there is little accountability for quality.
  3. Anesthesiologists with less bariatric surgery experience/skill.
  4. No assistant surgeon, or using the surgical tech as the assistant.
  5. Minimal preoperative preparation/education.
  6. Lack of postoperative follow-up.
  7. No documented record of surgeon/program weight loss/complication statistics.

What our patients say…

Orange County bariatric surgery program - Erin
“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give Dr. Oliak an 11+ both for his surgical competency and bedside manner.”*
Orange County weight loss surgery program - Suzie
“All I can say is Dr. Oliak is the absolute best! (this coming from a very critical RN)”*
Orange County bariatric surgery program - Michael
“I paid for surgery myself, and interviewed many doctors in Orange County and Riverside County. Dr. Oliak was hands down the best!”*
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Learn more about our Orange County weight loss surgery program

Dr. Oliak offers no-obligation educational consultations in Brea and Irvine to prospective patients considering weight loss surgery. Attending an educational consultation is a great way to learn more about weight loss surgery and our Orange County weight loss surgery program.

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