Why Did MasterChef Graham Elliot Choose Gastric Sleeve?

MasterChef judge Graham Elliot recently underwent sleeve gastrectomy surgery. What I find interesting about his story is not so much his decision to have weight loss surgery, but his choice of the sleeve gastrectomy given his career as a professional chef. Most of Graham’s story is the typical weight loss surgery story. He struggled with […]

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The Decision to Have Weight Loss Surgery

Should you get weight loss surgery? This question can be difficult to answer. Obesity is dangerous, and surgery works far better than any other weight loss method, but there are associated risks, and not everybody is successful after surgery. So how do you decide? The bottom line is that surgery can work great to help […]

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Denis’ Incredible Gastric Bypass Success Story

Denis' incredible gastric bypass success story

The following incredible gastric bypass success story is about a patient of mine named Denis, who transformed his life from disaster (>500lbs, heroin addict) to awesome (healthy weight, successful entrepreneur). I have been fortunate as a bariatric surgeon to have been able to help countless people improve their lives with weight loss surgery. I have seen […]

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What to Eat after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery enables weight loss, we are learning, by changing the body weight “set-point” to a lower weight (more here). This is a compelling justification for weight loss surgery – it changes the biology that prevents weight loss. Nothing else that we know of currently does this. Weight loss surgery, however, does not change […]

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Weight Regain after Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is the most effective long-term treatment for obesity. Why? Because surgery resets the body weight “set-point” to a lower weight (more here). Nonsurgical methods of weight loss are not effective over the long-term because they do not change the body weight set-point (more here). Long-term weight loss success after weight loss surgery, […]

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Safety of Weight Loss Surgery

In previous posts I’ve discussed why weight loss surgery works (here) and why diets don’t work (here). To summarize, bariatric surgery works by changing the biologic control system that determines bodyweight. The biologically determined bodyweight “set-point” is decreased. Diets on the other hand generally do not work long-term because they do not change the biologically determined […]

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Weight Loss Surgery Changes Body Weight Set-Point

Weight loss surgery is by far the most effective method for long-term weight loss. In my last post I discussed why non-surgical methods for weight loss typically don’t work over the long-term – they don’t change the body weight “set-point.” In this post I discuss why weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) works – […]

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