The ultimate measure for any weight loss surgery program is its record of actual patient outcomes – weight loss results and complication statistics. This is particularly important given that the published weight loss surgery literature shows that patient outcomes are highly variable between individual surgeons and programs.*

Our Weight Loss Surgery Patient Outcomes

Dr. Oliak has a 17-year track record of excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes, as highlighted below:*

Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss

Industry average gastric sleeve weight loss is approximately 55-60% of excess weight (reference) at 1-3 years after surgery.* Dr. Oliak’s gastric sleeve patients average 74-77% excess weight loss at 1-3 years after surgery.

Dr. Oliak’s gastric sleeve patients, on average, lose 31% more weight than the industry average patient.*

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Gastric Sleeve Leak Rate

The most feared complication after gastric sleeve surgery is leak. Leak rates vary between experienced bariatric surgeons, according to published studies (reference), from 0 in >500 operations, to approximately 1 in 25 operations (0-4%). Less experienced bariatric surgeons are reported to have leak rates as high as 7%.*

The industry average bariatric surgeon leak rate, according to several large review studies (reference), is somewhere in the 1-2.5% range.* Dr. Oliak’s gastric sleeve leak rate is 0%.*

Dr. Oliak’s gastric sleeve leak rate of 0% is significantly lower than the industry average leak rate.*

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30-Day Serious Complication Rate

A recent large, high-quality study reported that 30-day complication rates for serious complications varied 17-fold (yes, 17-fold!) across 165 bariatric surgery center of excellence programs nationwide, from 0.6% to 10.3% (reference).*

This study was an eye-opener when it was published in 2017. A 17-fold difference in complication rates across weight loss surgery programs nationwide was a shocking finding. What it shows is that choice of surgeon and program matters – a lot!

Using the same methodology and dates as in this study, Dr. Oliak’s 30-day serious complication rate is 0.6%.* This statistic ranks among the best 30-day serious complication rates in the study quoted above.

10-Year Gastric Bypass Weight Loss

The few good published studies on gastric bypass weight loss at 10+ years after surgery report an average of approximately 55-60% excess weight loss (reference).*

Dr. Oliak’s gastric bypass patients average 65% excess weight loss at 10 years after surgery.*

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* Patient results vary after weight loss surgery. Past results do not guarantee future results.

  • 75%
    our excess weight loss 1 year after sleeve*
  • 0%
    our gastric sleeve leak rate*
  • 76%
    our excess weight loss 1 year after bypass*
  • 65%
    our excess weight loss 10 years after bypass*
  • <0.1%
    our gastric bypass leak rate*
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