My Favorite Gastric Sleeve Photo – Jordan

Over my career as a weight loss surgeon I have seen lots of great before and after photos.  Recently a patient of mine showed me a gastric sleeve photo of herself before and after surgery that I thought was one of the best patient before/after photos I had ever seen, but not for the typical reason.

Usually weight loss surgery before and after photos emphasize the amount of weight lost by showing full body shots. Also common is showing patients doing something they couldn’t do before weight loss surgery. The bigger the physical difference between the before and after photos, the more impressive.

The recent gastric sleeve photo I saw of my patient Jordan was impactful to me because I think it effectively shows the emotional change that occurred with her weight loss.

gastric sleeve photo - Jordan

To me, Jordan’s postoperative photo conveys satisfaction, contentment, and confidence. Awesome!

Weight loss surgery is about more than losing weight and becoming healthier. It is also about attaining a better emotional quality of life. That is what this one gastric sleeve photo very effectively shows.

Of course Jordan’s full body before and after photos are impressive too!

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gastric sleeve patient before after photo

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David Oliak, M.D.

Dr. Oliak is a board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive (laparoscopic and robotic) weight loss surgery. He has been in practice in Orange County, California, since 2002, has completed more than 3000 weight loss operations, and has a track record of excellent patient outcomes.*

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