About LAP‑BAND® Revision Surgery

LAP-BAND® revision involves removing the LAP-BAND® and converting to a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass at the same operation, or at a second operation typically 3-6 months later. The operations are done laparoscopically, generally using 3-5 small incisions.

A well-performed LAP-BAND® revision operation typically takes a long time, often 3-4+ hours. Patients are generally discharged from the hospital after 1-2 days. Recovery is generally rapid because of the minimally invasive laparoscopic approach. Patients typically return to work in 2-3 weeks.

Why LAP‑BAND® Revision?

Resolve LAP-BAND® Issues
Although individual results can vary, heartburn, reflux, GERD, the feeling of food getting stuck, and vomiting all typically resolve after LAP-BAND® conversion to gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

Better Weight Loss
Although individual results can vary, both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass typically result in significantly more weight loss than the LAP-BAND®.

Easy To Live With
Although individual results can vary, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass typically preserve a more normal experience of eating (especially gastric sleeve), and are therefore easier operations to live with than the LAP-BAND®.

Jennifer talks about her experience with the LAP-BAND® and her later conversion to gastric sleeve.*
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Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass?

The gastric sleeve is the most common choice for LAP-BAND® revision patients for a number of good reasons – excellent weight loss, fewer long-term issues, more normal experience of eating, less invasive, etc.
About sleeve gastrectomy

Gastric bypass is sometimes a better choice for patients with diabetes, or with heartburn/reflux/GERD issues that can’t be resolved with band removal and revision to gastric sleeve.
About gastric bypass

Two Operations or One?

LAP-BAND® revision surgery can be done in two operations or one operation. In two operations, the band and port are removed at the initial operation, and the revision to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass is done at a second operation typically 3-6 months after the first operation.

The two operation approach is lower risk than the one operation approach. Additionally, it is easier to construct a more technically ideal sleeve or bypass when using the two operation technique. A better, more technically ideal sleeve or bypass will lower the risk for complications, and will be a better operation for long-term successful weight loss.

The one operation approach has its benefits also. One operation is more convenient and often lower cost. The trade-off, however, is higher surgical risk and a higher chance to end up with a less ideal sleeve or bypass operation. In some patients this trade-off favors the one operation approach, and in some it favors the two operation approach.

The two operation approach is generally necessary for patients who have a LAP-BAND® slip or pouch dilatation, or for patients with heartburn/reflux/GERD/vomiting with an empty band.

Our Orange County Weight Loss Surgery Program

Outcomes matter – studies clearly show that patient outcomes vary between different surgeons/programs. For example, one large 2017 study (abstract) showed that the rate for serious complications after weight loss surgery varied 17-fold (0.6%-10.3%) across 165 different bariatric surgery centers of excellence programs nationwide! Why? Because there are different surgeons at the different centers who do the operations differently.

Dr. Oliak has always prioritized achieving the best possible outcomes for his patients. By always prioritizing excellent surgery and high-quality patient education/follow-up/support (our program), Dr. Oliak has established a long record of patient outcomes – weight loss results, complication rates – that rank among the best in the weight loss surgery field (our outcomes).*

To learn more about weight loss surgery and our Orange County program, schedule a free, no-obligation, educational consultation in Brea or Irvine with Dr. Oliak today!

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Why Choose Dr Oliak?

Simple – his long record of better patient outcomes. Since 2002 Dr. Oliak has done >2500 weight loss operations, and has established a record of better weight loss outcomes and lower complication rates than the industry averages.* Because revision surgery is more difficult and higher risk, it is especially important to choose a surgeon who is experienced, and more importantly, has a track record of good outcomes (more).
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Our LAP-BAND® Revision Orange County Program

Our LAP-BAND® revision Orange County program provides high-quality surgery and patient care (education, follow-up, support) with the goal of achieving the best weight loss results and lowest complication rates possible. Over the past several years, revision operations to gastric sleeve and gastric bypass have become very common. Our program has helped an increasing number of patients over the past 6 years achieve excellent weight loss success by conversion to sleeve or bypass, and we can help you too.*
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Payment options

  • 0% leak rate
    band conversion
    to sleeve*
  • 0% leak rate
    band conversion
    to bypass*

LAP-BAND® revision to gastric sleeve before & after

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  • Joan
  • Procedure: LAP-BAND® revision to gastric sleeve
  • Weight Lost: 123 lbs
  • Excess Weight Lost: 100%
  • Disclaimer: Individual results vary
After struggling with obesity for over 20 years, I had LAP-BAND® surgery in 2008. While I lost a significant amount…
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LAP-BAND® revision to gastric bypass before & after

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  • Debbie
  • Procedure: LAP-BAND® revision to gastric bypass
  • Weight Lost: 71 lbs
  • Excess Weight Lost: 87%
  • Disclaimer: Individual results vary
I originally had the LAP-BAND® done and things started off good for about the first year. Then it seemed that…
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