Body Weight Set-Point Prevents Weight Loss

Losing weight is possible over the short term, but weight regain is the rule over the long term. The statistics tell us that people can generally lose about 10% of their weight with a concerted effort. The bad news is that almost everybody will quickly regain all their lost weight and often more. Why is this? Eating more […]

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Achieving Gastric Sleeve Success

gastric sleeve patients

All prospective gastric sleeve patients of course want to achieve great gastric sleeve success. This means getting a great long-term weight loss outcome, and avoiding complications. The published studies, unfortunately, show that this doesn’t always happen. Many patients achieve excellent, long-term gastric sleeve success, but some don’t. It is important to understand that great outcomes […]

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Weight Loss Surgery Changes Body Weight Set-Point

Weight loss surgery is by far the most effective method for long-term weight loss. In my last post I discussed why non-surgical methods for weight loss typically don’t work over the long-term – they don’t change the body weight “set-point.” In this post I discuss why weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) works – […]

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