Procedure: Band Revision to Gastric Sleeve
Weight Lost: 123 lbs
Excess Weight Lost: 100%
Disclaimer: individual results vary

After struggling with obesity for over 20 years, I had LAP-BAND® surgery in 2008. While I lost a significant amount of weight, I never reached my goal and eventually regained about half of the weight I had lost. My bigger problem was food getting stuck in the small band opening and the discomfort and vomiting that went with it.

After a severe episode of vomiting in 2013 (3 days before my daughter’s wedding!) I knew something had to change. Dr. Oliak suggested a conversion from LAP-BAND® to the sleeve gastrectomy. I had two surgeries – the first to remove the band and then the sleeve gastrectomy 3 months later. The weight came off easily – without hunger or the pain and vomiting I experienced with the band. In fact, I “overshot” my goal weight by 15 pounds! I eat small portions, focus on consuming protein first, and my body tells me when to stop. My relationship with food has changed from eating as a fun hobby to something I just do as part of my day – like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. I still have to be careful about letting old bad habits, like snacking, creep back, but I am working to change these behaviors.

I have no regrets. Today, I look better, I feel good, and for the first time in my life, shopping for clothes is fun!


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