Procedure: Band Revision to Gastric Bypass
Weight Lost: 71 lbs
Excess Weight Lost: 87%
Disclaimer: individual results vary

I originally had the LAP-BAND® done and things started off good for about the first year. Then it seemed that I couldn’t really eat or keep anything healthy down which brought on several issues. Everything bothered me from reflux, to vomiting. I felt ashamed for being a failure. I finally went to Dr. Oliak and he suggested a revision. I opted for the gastric bypass.

Since the gastric bypass, I lost the weight I wanted and I am so happy with the results. I can eat normally and almost all foods agree with me although I make healthy choices. Fruit and vegetables never tasted so good! I feel young again and confident and only wish I would have done this earlier. I know I will always have to work to maintain the results but it’s worth it. Thank you, Dr. Oliak for helping me change my life. Success never felt so good!


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