Weight Loss Surgery for Low BMI Patients (BMI 30-35)

In previous posts we have discussed why weight loss surgery works (it changes the body weight set-point!) and why diets don’t work (they don’t change the body weight set-point), and we have shown that weight loss surgery is safe. If all this is true why is it that patients are often told they have to be at least […]

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Body Weight Set-Point Prevents Weight Loss

Losing weight is possible over the short term, but weight regain is the rule over the long term. The statistics tell us that people can generally lose about 10% of their weight with a concerted effort. The bad news is that almost everybody will quickly regain all their lost weight and often more. Why is this? Eating more […]

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Dr. Oliak’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patient Outcomes – Update 2018

gastric sleeve patient outcomes

Dr. Oliak provides weight loss surgery in Orange County, CA. His #1 goal since starting his weight loss surgery career in 2002 has been to achieve not just good patient outcomes, but excellent, industry-leading patient outcomes. The fact is, gastric sleeve surgery patient outcomes vary between different surgeons and programs. The reason why is because […]

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